First article of the EU Migration and Health Policies project is out

Following the 2019 RESPOND Conference in Cambridge, the organisers of the Panel “Governing through uncertainty?” Veronica Federico and Renato Ibridoin put together a special issue at DPCE Online (collaboration with Ginevra Cerrina Feroni), which is now published. I was glad to contribute an article on the impact of national values on health-care provisions for asylum seekers and refugees in Germany and Sweden – the first publication of my research project on Migration and Health Policies in Europe.

This article sheds light on the regulation of refugees’ and asylum seekers’ access to national health-care systems in Germany and Sweden. The analysis focuses thus on two main destination countries in Europe. Drawing on the concept of national values as defined by Marmor et al. (2006), the article identifies different sets of norms and values in, and their impact on, national asylum and health policies. Specifically, the article discusses in a comparative analysis how these policies are shaped by national values regarding the general normative fundaments of society, as well as the roles and responsibilities attributed to state actors and individuals in the context of health care.